Interview of the CEO


PEG's CEO since 1996, Alain Comalada is a part of these leaders who stays in contact with the market and its clients. He tells us the secrets of the success of PEG

What are the ressources of your growth ?

We dispose of a expertise and a recognised know-how. We invest a lot in research and development. And we are especially listening to our customers. Also, we observe that our clients are very loyal to our company. And as our customers repertory grows us, we are in great growth.

What are your advantages ?

Definitely our expertise in developing technical wadding with high thermal power. Our isolator reflects the values of PEG company: an environmentally friendly product, healthy, sustainable and made in France!

How do you fit with your customers’ requests ?

Energy savings are at the heart of French’s concerns today. Our R & D works with acuity on this topic: progress in terms of thermal performance achieved since 2 years goes beyond our expectations.

What does the new PEG insolation bring on the market? Why are they considered as innovating ?

Air quality is essential at home. The polyester fiber used in the manufacture of our isolating products is the same that you find in your clothes, in your duvets and pillows. We chose OEKOTEX 100 that is the standard of childcare. No chemicals, no binding: the product is completely safe and revolutionary.
What are the outlooks for PEG on the isolation market in the coming years? ECOPEG is new, very little known by customers today. But the welcome is very good. Our isolating products seduce many customers because they are environmentally friendly and the air quality is better. Our partners entrust us and are very enthusiastic. Of course, there is a long-term work for prescription to the architects, contractors, engineering firms for our product to be prescribed on the new construction sites. But we are positive because we have quality products that meet the changing needs of consumers.

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