Tisoléco & Ecopeg


These are thermal isolating with high sound attenuation made out polyester fiber for the building. The products are made from PET fibers mechanically and thermally bonded with two thirds are from recycled PET bottles. They provide both thermal and acoustic comfort. The products are available in the form of rolls or panels.

5 good reasons to choose our products :

  • Simple to install, dust-free and no job cleaning
  • Healthy products: no need for gloves or mask. They are non-irritating and non-toxic.
  • They last in time: they are fibrous, compact products that do not pack. In addition, they are hydrophobic.
  • Made in France products from sustainable development.
  • With exceptional performance. Our R&D department works regularly to raise the thermal and acoustic performance to the highest level.

The products uses

  • It is used to insulate walls on the outside (under cladding) or indoors
  • Used in bulkhead, it has a dual thermal and acoustic performance. The acoustic attenuation is about 41 dB
  • Our isolating can be used to isolate lost roof spaces. Its use is simple. Simply place the roll and put it on the floor
  • It also insulates the convertible attic space. You just have to place a layer or two cross layers behind the rails.

Statement of Performance Ecopeg

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Statement of Performance Tisoléco

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Insulation made from recycled polyester fibers by PEG

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