A Recognized Expertise

A recognized expertise

For more than 150 years, Peg has developed a unique expertise that makes it a world leader in microfiber wadding. It has gained a very strong expertise in extreme isolation with technical fibers. Therefore, it has transposed this innovation capacity for home isolation.

With his experience in extreme isolation for man, PEG innovates in housing with his slick ECOPEG. ECOPEG is the future of sustainable isolation. The isolator ECOPEG is a revolutionary innovation.

With a product which does not disintegrate, durable and hydrophobic ECOPEG keeps over time its thermal insulation properties. In addition, this product is completely safe, very easy to install without any protection. The air quality in the housing is preserved, absolute comfort. Thermal conductivity determines the ability of the isolator to conduct heat. It is symbolized by the Greek letter lambda. Overall more the lambda of a material is high, the more it conducts heat, and so it is less isolating.

The first ECOPEG was released in 2009 with a 0.051 lambda. A new version was born a few months later with a 0.046 lambda.

Very quickly, the ECOPEG 39 is born with a 0.038 lambda. Our research and development department in PEG continues to improve our products.

During our last tests, we ended up with 0.034 lambdas and even 0032. The density of the products improves up to 40kgs / m3 for the most efficient.

The rigor in the production

Along the fabrication process, we proceed at extremely rigorous quality checks extremely rigorous. These checks, performed by a qualified and trained staff, ensure full respect of the technical requirements and of the standards and regulations.

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